Monday, July 16, 2012

Yamaha ATV Wheels 2012

Yamaha ATV Wheels - Find your Yamaha ATV wheels at auction prices with the help of the ATV Style quick search tool below. Feel free to share your own Yamaha ATV wheel reviews too! Popular brands of Yamaha wheels include ITP, Douglas, Maxxis and OEM. Dress up your YFZ 450, Raptor or Banshee today!

US $139.99

US $277.00

US $277.00

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kawasaki ATV Teryx4 2012

Before launching on the market of the four places, Kawasaki dug into the psyche of consumers to discover what is important for potential buyers. At the top of the list is the possibility of buying a factory produced four seats. There are plenty of options of refills for the conversion of two seats, but concerns of safety of UTVs and the loss of storage space are part of the reason why users want a vehicle properly designed for several passengers. Kawasaki became the first Japanese manufacturer to produce an oriented recreation in quadruple cabin, offers three versions of Teryx4 in 2012. The basic model price $ 13.399 has black doors and no email address. EPS model $ 14.399 intermediate model adds upgraded suspension, seating of two tones, matching color for body panels and doors, pillar covers and mudguards. Kawasaki also creates a model of luxury for buyers looking for high-end components. The LE Teryx4 ($ 15.199) comes in special colors with the same benefits of EPS templates, as well as a roof of plastic and cast aluminum wheels.

At the heart of the Teryx4 is Kawasaki’s 749cc V-Twin. The single overhead cam engine is similar to the beast that powers the standard Teryx and Brute Force 750 ATV, but has a host of refinements to suit the needs of a four-seater. It uses an electric start system to churn over dual pistons inside 85 x 66mm bore and stroke cylinders with a 9.3:1 compression ratio. The oversquare, 90-degree V-Twin cranks out gobs of usable torque and Kawasaki claims the proven engine has 15% more top-end power thanks to new equal-length exhaust headers and redesigned camshafts. Tuned dual 36mm throttle bodies with new 12-hole injectors provide the fueling. Engine internals are slightly massaged as well with changes to the piston pins, connecting rods, shift drum and crankshaft journal bearings. We didn’t have a chance to drive it back-to-back with a two-seater, but the Teryx4 does feel like it has slightly more pep. It’s rated to tow 1300 pounds from its standard two-inch hitch receiver.

The engine breathes through a larger cartridge-style air filter with an intake chamber that is nearly three times as large as the two-seat Teryx (T2). Also, the intake has been repositioned from the console between the driver and passenger to underneath the front hood. The radiator is larger than the T2 with a bigger fan to push hot air. In addition, an extra fan has been installed on the underside of the chassis to help blow cool air across the mid-mounted engine itself. The secondary fan kicks on whenever the radiator fan is activated. There’s a blower warning light on the dash but we never saw it light up, nor heard the radiator fan kick on during an entire day of driving. Obviously the oversized radiator does a good job.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MAXXIS Bighorn ATV Tire Product Details and Reviews

Product Details

    Radial construction offers a significantly smoother ride over rough trails.
    Suitable for desert, dirt and rock terrain.
    Extra lugs on the shoulder protect the sidewall and rim.
    Raised white lettering on 1 side.
    6-ply rating

What's the best part about these tires?  The best part about Maxxis Big Horns are their radial construction!  With radial construction, recreational riders as well as ATV racers will immediately appreciate the ride quality and comfort.  Mike Penland won his 10th GNCC Utility Stock Championship on the Bighorn radial.  These tires will not only perform, but they ride great as well. 

Maxxis Big Horn Tire is one of the most popular in the industry today and is copied by many other manufacturers .. Maxxis is the industry leader in the first place. We have seen machines get up to 5.000 km on these tires!


      Radial construction offers a much more regular driving on rough trails
      Advanced tread allows for a true all-terrain tires.
      Additional wrap around tread on the shoulder protect the sidewall and rim
      Sculpture and long-term connection
      Raised white letters on one side and black on the other. Mount in any way.
      Non-directional tread
      Suitable for all types of deserts, dirt fields, including rock and thorns
      tires you where you want to go!

Follow along as I show why the rugged Bighorn tire is so popular among serious ATV enthusiasts. This radial 6-ply ATV tire is tough as nails and built to last.

After buying my new Grizzly 450, I immediately went shopping for a new set of tires 6-ply, to congratulate my driving style requires.

I leaned over to the new ITP XTR Radial MudLite because of good service on my old bike MudLites gave me. Before a final decision, I studied reviews of tires, ATV tires forums and ride bus manufacturer's website

In the study, for tires, the name Bighorn Radial kept the rise, especially rave reviews and testimonials from satisfied owners.

I spent a few weeks to find everything I could about the Bighorn tires and decided that these heavy, heavy trail tire shoulder straps were for me.

What Bighorn tires? - There are a lot of wheel and tire combo and tire sizes to choose according to your needs. Many runners have a size or two larger. I'm stuck with my wheels ended and went to the same size tires AT25X8X12 AT25X10X12 on the front and rear. The size of the stock added another game a little more.

Time to buy - now I've decided to Maxxis Bighorn was time to go shopping for the best deal. For my situation, Rocky mountain bikes with their low prices and free shipping received your order. A few days later a package arrived with a tough looking, heavy, thick walls, deep grooved tires I've ever seen.

Installation - In my research, Walmart has been mentioned several times their reasonable costs of ATV tire store. Indeed, a trip to Walmart and $ 20 later (yes, $ 5 each), I had removed the stock tires and new tires mounted Bighorn.

Tire pressure - tire pressure is a personal matter, and you should try to find the right mix for your needs. Bighorn tires for somewhere between 3 and 9 pounds per square inch PSI should work fine. I tried different combinations and finally finished with 6 PSI all around.

Break in time - yes, Maxxis Bighorn Radial need to relax a bit before smoothing. Do not worry beaten awkward at first glance. About 60 miles, my tires Bighorn well smoothed and became even more fluid. Even at 6 pounds per square inch, they travel as Cadillac.

High speed data transfer - Bighorn tires roll smoothly with absolutely no bad tendencies to my maximum speed of 45 miles / h. They have to handle higher speeds, too. I can not detect radial tires leaning when cornering at high speed either. I think they are very good for processing at high speed.

I now have over 2000 miles on my sheep, and they continue to function. They seem to be indestructible in off-road, but be careful of nails! I had two apartments due to construction and nail punctures tires so hard, very hard to press the cover of rubber tires.

Dunlop 20x10x9 ATV Tires

The Dunlop KT335H is the OE replacement for ATV tires on your TRX450R 05-08.

Specifications and Options

Brand Dunlop
Front / Rear Tire Rear
Rim Size 9" Rim
Tire Size 20x10x9
Ply Rating 4-Ply
Terrain Use All Terrain

I've tryed almost every set of tires on my bansheey, fz 450, and my tri-z. Of all the brands and patterns I have gone through, the KT335H is the best in Traction, comfort, and control. I like these more than the holeshot and holeshot II. And because they are of lightweight constuction, they reduce unsprung weight. These are real fun in sand, as I found that, on my yfz and tri-z at least, they hook up as good as most of my paddles, and ride better when the sand is all whooped out from traffic.

The negatives-They dont tend to last as long as most other competitive brands, and the price is slightly higher, but the ride, control, and traction on every type of terrain, is worth the trade-off. The lightweight constuction, combined with their traction, means that they are also pentrated easily by nails, so if you live near alot of dirty areas, you will need to carry a plug kit at the very least.
Bottom line: If its performance and ride you are looking for, these are the ticket!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cheap ATV Tires 2011 Free Shipping

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Cheap ATV Tires

STI Black Diamond Tires

Delivering crossover performance at a value price
The tire for all seasons
Innovative "V" tread pattern bridges the gap between soft mud/snow/sand and hardpack surface performance
Unique over-center tread elements provide a smooth, controlled ride on hardpack, while offering excellent clean-out soft conditions.

Specifically developed 6-ply radial carcass delivers the stability needed for UTV applications while retaining the plush ride characteristics favored by ATV riders.

Extended-wear tread compound retains biting edges longer and greatly increase tire life.

2 models now available (with more on sizes coming soon) -

    *ATR: 3/4" tread depth

    *XTR: 1 1/8" tread depth

ITP Mayhem ATV Tires

Sizing: 26x9-12, 26x11-12.

ITP’s 2011 most aggressive mud/trail tire ever.

Striking looks and hard-hitting performance.

Unique, deep-lug tread design that mocks the nastiest mud holes but still plays nice on harder trail surfaces.

Trail comfort and handling are further enhanced by the Mayhem’s lightweight carcass construction.

Exceptional acceleration and braking characteristics as well as balanced cornering qualities make the Mayhem a capable, confident all-around performer.

With its extended wear rubber compound and durable 6-ply rating, the Mayhem can take a beating and come back for more.

Distinctive, tribal-inspired, embossed artwork. The Mayhem stands out in a crowd not just for its abilities but for its attitude, too.

Made in the U.S.A.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Yamaha Raptor 125 ATV first ride 2011


    The powerful 124cc 4-stroke engine
    Clutch and five-speed manual transmission
    Fully adjustable sports suspension, 7.5 "travel front 7.9" rear travel
    Single-axis counter - balanced pegs and seats, a bar to reduce vibration
    Low 28 "seat height for better control and stability, low center of gravity to provide
    Accessories factory - for planting and functionality offered by Yamaha engineering projects using CAD solid model data

Guide Review - 2011 Yamaha Raptor 125 ATV first ride

We have new 2011 Yamaha Raptor 125cc class in Ventura first went in the car. It is designed for children 16 and they have learned to move up from 90cc quad Predators three "entry level" is not charged.

We all fifteen children put a lot of 90cc quad, you know, it is so small that they are running Quad is not a good idea because of security. Raptors 250, but they are always ready to move permanently there, Raptors 125 fills the gap admirably.

2011 Yamaha Raptor 125 quad, but more than just entry level. This is the same as Raptor 250 to the suspension settings a full-featured sports utility vehicle. It is a quad, "step", but I want to know, adults can have fun out there in the first story of the world's leading manufacturers. And we did it.

You feel like you are on 250, first take the Raptor 125. Kigaitdamyeon knees, so you can jwiganatdadoego. If you do not hang on the side, but it could be an interesting turn during the most demanding high-strength steel frame, full and very nice and took care of lighter and stronger.

Raptor 125 you really break it, you can go without worrying about the experience, so that even if this person is a lot of energy and the actual clutch and five-speed manual transmission was.

Raptor 125, lightweight and easy to slide. Travel 7-inch or clean hair and pin you to track conditions, regardless of how sharp you can eat and walk beats. 3 hydraulic disc brakes brakes, two front, one in the back is excellent. I have a Raptor 125 Raptor 700 r and have the same rotor and master cylinder did not come home until

If you drive a lot of eccentric types Yamaha camera chain drive without any tools and air filter access control settings Thanks.
This great little quad for the following characteristics:

    124cc air-cooled 4 - stroke type: SOHC; Single
    Bore x stroke 54.0 x 54.0mm
    Compression ratio 10.0:1
    Fuel delivery Mikuni 29mm BSR ®
    Ignition DC - CDI
    Electric start system
    Transmission 5-speed, multi-plate clutch WEST
    Drive 2WD, packed O - ring chain, eccentric adjustment


    Suspension / Front Independent double wishbone, 5-way adjustable pre-shock, 7,5 - Travels
    Suspension / Rear Swingarm: 7,9 - Travels
    Brakes / Front Dual hydraulic disc
    Brakes / Rear Hydraulic disc
    Tires / Front Maxxis ® AT19 X 60-10
    Tires / Rear Maxxis ® AT18 x 8.9


    L x W x H x 63.4 39.8 x 40.0 in
    Seat Height 28.1 in
    Wheelbase 43.7
    Earth to 3,3 at
    Fuel capacity 2.4 Women
    Wet weight of 299 pounds


    Headlights and 21W/5W one trillion people in one brakelight 35/36.5W
    6 months warranty (warranty factory)


    3399 U.S. dollars (Team Yamaha Blue / White) Available from July 3495
    3399 U.S. dollars (White W / Graphics kit) is available from July 3495


All new 2011 Yamaha Raptor 125 has changed the game. This is a 90cc and 250cc ATV Youth and big SUV to fill the empty space between them. Yamaha says that the initial level.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


New lightweight design!

Because popular demand, we currently of 28x10x14 Terminator stock.

Available tire sizes

    * 28x10x12: 41 lbs.
    * 28x10x14: 38 lbs.
    * 29.5x10x12: 45 lbs.
    * 29.5x10x14: 41 lbs.
    * 32x10x14: 52 lbs.

Terminator ATV tires, super market, most aggressive mud tire on the hands. Measurement of TRUE 28 "to 29.5" or 32 "the Terminator to the other tires have a dream that has the ability to see.

Terminator 6 ply construction and all visibility terrain, it can protect the two, the best off-road performance is designed. Angle of the tire design, tire grip and traction off the improvements to transport the mud.

    * 6 ply rating
    * 2 "tire groove depth
    * Load capacity: 585 @ 7 psi of
    Rigorous search for the best grip to go *
    * Dent and dents in the wheel guards to protect the built-in wheels
    * Unique taper treatment for self-cleaning