Sunday, February 27, 2011


New lightweight design!

Because popular demand, we currently of 28x10x14 Terminator stock.

Available tire sizes

    * 28x10x12: 41 lbs.
    * 28x10x14: 38 lbs.
    * 29.5x10x12: 45 lbs.
    * 29.5x10x14: 41 lbs.
    * 32x10x14: 52 lbs.

Terminator ATV tires, super market, most aggressive mud tire on the hands. Measurement of TRUE 28 "to 29.5" or 32 "the Terminator to the other tires have a dream that has the ability to see.

Terminator 6 ply construction and all visibility terrain, it can protect the two, the best off-road performance is designed. Angle of the tire design, tire grip and traction off the improvements to transport the mud.

    * 6 ply rating
    * 2 "tire groove depth
    * Load capacity: 585 @ 7 psi of
    Rigorous search for the best grip to go *
    * Dent and dents in the wheel guards to protect the built-in wheels
    * Unique taper treatment for self-cleaning

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