Monday, July 16, 2012

Yamaha ATV Wheels 2012

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US $277.00

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kawasaki ATV Teryx4 2012

Before launching on the market of the four places, Kawasaki dug into the psyche of consumers to discover what is important for potential buyers. At the top of the list is the possibility of buying a factory produced four seats. There are plenty of options of refills for the conversion of two seats, but concerns of safety of UTVs and the loss of storage space are part of the reason why users want a vehicle properly designed for several passengers. Kawasaki became the first Japanese manufacturer to produce an oriented recreation in quadruple cabin, offers three versions of Teryx4 in 2012. The basic model price $ 13.399 has black doors and no email address. EPS model $ 14.399 intermediate model adds upgraded suspension, seating of two tones, matching color for body panels and doors, pillar covers and mudguards. Kawasaki also creates a model of luxury for buyers looking for high-end components. The LE Teryx4 ($ 15.199) comes in special colors with the same benefits of EPS templates, as well as a roof of plastic and cast aluminum wheels.

At the heart of the Teryx4 is Kawasaki’s 749cc V-Twin. The single overhead cam engine is similar to the beast that powers the standard Teryx and Brute Force 750 ATV, but has a host of refinements to suit the needs of a four-seater. It uses an electric start system to churn over dual pistons inside 85 x 66mm bore and stroke cylinders with a 9.3:1 compression ratio. The oversquare, 90-degree V-Twin cranks out gobs of usable torque and Kawasaki claims the proven engine has 15% more top-end power thanks to new equal-length exhaust headers and redesigned camshafts. Tuned dual 36mm throttle bodies with new 12-hole injectors provide the fueling. Engine internals are slightly massaged as well with changes to the piston pins, connecting rods, shift drum and crankshaft journal bearings. We didn’t have a chance to drive it back-to-back with a two-seater, but the Teryx4 does feel like it has slightly more pep. It’s rated to tow 1300 pounds from its standard two-inch hitch receiver.

The engine breathes through a larger cartridge-style air filter with an intake chamber that is nearly three times as large as the two-seat Teryx (T2). Also, the intake has been repositioned from the console between the driver and passenger to underneath the front hood. The radiator is larger than the T2 with a bigger fan to push hot air. In addition, an extra fan has been installed on the underside of the chassis to help blow cool air across the mid-mounted engine itself. The secondary fan kicks on whenever the radiator fan is activated. There’s a blower warning light on the dash but we never saw it light up, nor heard the radiator fan kick on during an entire day of driving. Obviously the oversized radiator does a good job.