Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dunlop 20x10x9 ATV Tires

The Dunlop KT335H is the OE replacement for ATV tires on your TRX450R 05-08.

Specifications and Options

Brand Dunlop
Front / Rear Tire Rear
Rim Size 9" Rim
Tire Size 20x10x9
Ply Rating 4-Ply
Terrain Use All Terrain

I've tryed almost every set of tires on my bansheey, fz 450, and my tri-z. Of all the brands and patterns I have gone through, the KT335H is the best in Traction, comfort, and control. I like these more than the holeshot and holeshot II. And because they are of lightweight constuction, they reduce unsprung weight. These are real fun in sand, as I found that, on my yfz and tri-z at least, they hook up as good as most of my paddles, and ride better when the sand is all whooped out from traffic.

The negatives-They dont tend to last as long as most other competitive brands, and the price is slightly higher, but the ride, control, and traction on every type of terrain, is worth the trade-off. The lightweight constuction, combined with their traction, means that they are also pentrated easily by nails, so if you live near alot of dirty areas, you will need to carry a plug kit at the very least.
Bottom line: If its performance and ride you are looking for, these are the ticket!

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