Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ATV Tires and Rims - How to Put Them Savely

How to Put an ATV Tires on a Rims

ATV tires, once heavily worn, lose much of their traction, and must be replaced. So, rather than pay extensive labor charges for a shop to put new tires on your ATV's rims, simply do it yourself. With a few tools the process is quite simple, and can be completed in a matter of minutes.


Step 1

Lay the rim on a clean rug on the ground, outer side up.

Step 2

Press one side of the tire onto the rim, making sure to face the tread of the tire the correct direction (there will usually be an arrow on the side of the tire pointing which way the tire should rotate).

Step 3

Slide the tire further onto the rim. Make sure that the rubber rim liner inside the rim is still centered inside the rim and is fully intact.

Step 4

Use a crow bar to pry the other side of the tire on to the rim. Start at one point on the tire, and slowly work your way around. Be careful not to scratch or dent the rim.

Step 5

Stand the tire up, and pour soapy water just inside the rim on both sides of the tire. This will allow the tire to slide more easily up onto the bead of the rim.

Step 6

Use an air compressor to pump the tire up to the desired hardness. Make sure that the tire pops on to its bead on both sides.

Tips & Warnings

If the tire has trouble popping out onto the bead of the rim, try thumping the rubber of the tire with a hammer.
Always be aware of pinch points when working around tires.

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