Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ATV Tire

Many people get very upset when they spend thousands of dollars on a new or used ATV but discover that it does not drive the way they expected it to. The problem may not be your ATV or your driving skills. The problem may be that you need is a new set of ATV tires.

It is important to remember that the ATV tires should be replaced when the nub elements begin to round on the edges. New ATV tires will give you the extra assurance that you will need to make it through a sharp curve or up a steep hill.

In order to develop a better understanding of the features, benefits, sizes, and specifications to look for in ATV tires, you may want to do some internet research. There are many different ATV tires that are available. You need to determine which ATV tires meet your needs. Are you only driving your ATV on paved tracks? Or are you driving through very rough terrain and need the extra gripping action that some ATV tires have?

It's going to be a big year for ITP, the world leader in ATV/UTV aftermarket tires and wheels. All-new for 2009 are the BajaCross, UltraCross, TundraCross and Holeshot SxS tires, as well as the System Six and SS312 wheels. ITP has also made numerous important updates to existing product lines, including the introduction of the 15-inch SS212 wheel. You'll find the whole story within these pages, or contact your favorite local dealer today!

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